Effortlessly Manage Your Childcare Experience:

Explore the Features of Parent 




Improve communication and engagement with parents and staff through instant messaging and newsfeed features.



  • Share and collaborate on content with staff and admins 
  • Post and comment on observations, assessments, events, holiday feedback, and more


  • Instantly communicate with parents, owners, and staff
  • Choose who to communicate with and use filters for chats

Document Center

  • Upload, organize and share important documents
  • Keep documents safe and secure


  • Collect feedback from staff and parents
  • Gather insights on specific events, daily health checks, workplace changes, and more

Parental Permission

  • Easily obtain parental permission for child-related activities
  • Streamline the process within child care institutes

Billing and


Simplify your billing process with automated invoicing and payment tracking to save time and reduce errors.


Subsidy & CWELCC Management

  • Create, manage, and track multiple subsidies easily
  • Simplify subsidy payments for both daycare centers and parents

Automated Payments Collection

  • Streamline the payment process with auto-generated invoicing 
  • Accept online payments via cards or EFTs
  • Enjoy hassle-free payment management for both centers and parents

Customize Packages

  • Create personalized payment plans for each child quickly and easily
  • Set custom durations, pricing, taxes, and discounts
  • Respond to inquiries and waitlists based on your center's availability
  • Make ad-hoc additions and review requests in minutes

Schedule Periodic Plans

  • Eliminate human error with automated scheduling and charging
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual plans for each child
  • Schedule due dates and automate charges for different fees
  • Send invoices and automated reminders in-app or via email

Reporting tools

Get real-time insights and track progress with detailed reports on attendance, activities, and staff performance to make data-driven decisions.


Waitlist Management

  • Use our waitlist public form and capture inquires from your website, facebook or Instagram page  
  • Document all communications with parents under the same inquiry
  • Book and track tours assigned to your staff
  • Track new waitlist enquiries and plan registrations accurately.

Attendance Reports

  • Maximize reporting efficiency with Parent’s Children Attendance Reports. 
  • View, add, edit, delete and export attendance reports.
  •  Includes vacation, sick leave, missing feedback responses, and closing day statuses. 

List Management

  • Generate various lists such as allergies, emergencies, attendance, and more. 
  • Our system automatically updates lists for accurate records.

Children Attendance

  • Eliminate the hassle of attendance tracking with Parent’s Child Attendance.
  • Efficiently manage check-ins, check-outs, vacations, sick leaves, and scheduled attendances.
  • Use filters to find specific attendance data and export reports in Excel/PDF formats.

Class Overview & Status Registration

  • Increase engagement and efficiency with Parent’s class overview.
  •  Manage classes and groups, add statuses, manage check-ins and check-outs, view profiles, add media posts, send messages, and more. 

Check-In App

  • Parent’s Check-In app makes checking in and out smoother.
  • Place the app device in the reception area for more efficiency. 

Planning Tools

Increase efficiency in your daycare center by easily managing staff and children's schedules, rooms, and child-to-staff ratios in one place.



  • Get a real-time overview of attendance for children and staff  by branch.

Room Planning

  • Modify the location of staff and children quickly and efficiently. 
  • View child-to-staff ratio and identify staffing shortages or excesses.


  • Manage events, activities, schedules, holidays, meals, and more.
  • Enable parents to input attendance, check meal plans, reply to events, and view their child’s activities.

Staff Scheduling

  • Create repeatable and customizable schedules for each staff member. 
  • Include detailed room and working hour information.

Daily Reports

  • Keep parents informed about their child's meals, naps, sleep checks, and more.
  • Share timely updates about the child's daily activities. 

Weekly Schedule

  • Plan and manage daily activities easily.
  • Keep parents informed about their child's upcoming activities throughout the day. 

Food Plan

  • Set meal plans for entire weeks, months, and terms.
  •  Duplicate certain menus for more efficient use of time. 

Wait List

  • Log and manage enrollment inquiries with valuable insights. 
  • Book tours for parents via the Wait List.

Holiday Feedback

  • Set periodic reminders for parents to respond to their child’s holiday attendance. 
  • Allow parents to choose attendance days, set drop off/pick up times, and add comments. 

Child Development

Track and monitor each child's progress through developmental milestones and assessments to provide personalized care and support for each child.



  • Track child development with various curriculums.
  •  Keep parents updated and print child journeys. 


  • Experience diverse province-based curriculums.
  • Choose from different curriculums with developmental goals.

Curriculum Builder

  • Build custom curriculum
    (*feature to be launched soon) 


Detailed Reporting

  • Effortlessly monitor children's progress.
  • Track and compare progress reports. 
  • Review and approve practitioner observations. 

Our Apps Reviews

  • stars

    An All-In-One APP! Adapting to an online and digital portal in any domain will always have its hiccups, but honestly our transition and 3+ experience with the parent app has been nothing short of phenomenal due to their customer service team. We have always received around the clock support, exceptional customer service and have felt like our every need or concern was acknowledged or met!

    Dana Q.

    Head Teacher

    Creative Nest, Dubai

  • stars

    Awesome, easy to operate features, great parent communication and customer service. Parent has helped us to consolidate a child's development and track progress, along with parents in real time. We are able to integrate other apps with Parent and working has become more efficient. Teachers can communicate and upload class details on a daily basis, hassle free. Tracking finance is smoother and more effective with the billing system.

    Foram G.

    Nursery Director

    Tappy Toes Nursery, UAE

  • stars

    Easy to use, very user friendly and easy to use, almost the same experience while using Facebook when we post pictures and videos. The best part about it is that our parents become more interactive, liking the pictures and tagging their children and having more valuable conversations with them in our virtual parental meetings via zoom. Thanks Parent App for making our daily operations easier.

    Ola K.

    Nursery Manager

    Barney Home, Abu Dhabi