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Children Movements Report

Tailored Reporting: Staff members can select specific rooms and children for a detailed report, ensuring you get the exact information you need. This flexibility allows for more precise monitoring and analysis.

Specific Date Range: Choose a specific date range to focus on the movements that matter most to you. Whether you need a daily, weekly, or custom time frame, this feature adapts to your requirements.

Comprehensive Information: The report includes vital details for each movement, providing a holistic view of your childcare operations. You'll find information such as:

  • "Moved From (Room)"
  • "Moved To (Room)"
  • "Moved By (Staff Member)"
  • "Date and Time of Movement" With this level of granularity, you can easily identify patterns, track child transitions, and ensure seamless operations within your facility.

Export in Excel Format: Effortlessly export your report in Excel format. This familiar and user-friendly format ensures that you can quickly analyze, share, and archive your data. To help you get started, we've attached a template that demonstrates the report's structure.