The following are early childhood development curricula and frameworks from various Canadian provinces:


British Columbia

Early Learning Framework

A Guide to The BC Curriculum


British Columbia’s Early Learning Framework is a guide intended to support and provide direction for early childhood educators, StrongStart BC facilitators, early years professionals, service providers, communities, and governments in providing enriched early learning experiences for children from birth to kindergarten. The framework outlines a vision, principles, and areas of early learning for British Columbia and can be implemented in a variety of ways, depending on the unique circumstances of individual children, families, and communities.

The Early Learning Framework acknowledges that while all children should have equal access to enriched early learning experiences, each child is unique, bringing individual, social, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic characteristics to their learning. These differences enhance their own early learning experiences and those of their peers.

The primary purpose of the Early Learning Framework is to empower adults to create rich early learning experiences and environments that reflect the most up-to-date knowledge on how best to support young children’s early learning and development. The framework offers early childhood educators a tool to reflect on the early learning experiences they create for and with children, to guide programs and activities provided for children, and to facilitate dialogue with families about their children’s early learning.

Moreover, the framework aims to help adults support and enhance children’s individual, social, cultural, and linguistic identities, and to foster their respect and appreciation for other people’s identities. Ultimately, the framework provides a foundation for dialogue among British Columbians to establish a common language and a greater understanding of the vital importance of early learning for all young children.

For additional information, visit the British Columbia Early Learning Framework website.