The following are early childhood development curricula and frameworks from various Canadian provinces:


Early Childhood Education Framework

 Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT)



The Ontario Ministry of Education has developed Early Learning for Every Child Today, a framework for Ontario's early childhood settings, to guide curriculum in a range of settings, including child care centers, regulated home child care, nursery schools, kindergarten, Ontario Early Years Centers, family resource programs, parenting centers, child development programs, and early intervention services. This framework is based on the shared beliefs of an expert panel that every experience in a child's early life has an impact on their development, parents, and families are the primary influence on early learning and development, children and their families live in communities that shape early experiences, and early learning programs need to work collaboratively with parents, families, and communities.

Early Learning for Every Child Today has been developed using the collective expertise of professionals from Ontario's early childhood education and formal education sectors, as well as extensive research into early childhood curriculum and pedagogy in Canada and worldwide. The framework brings together research findings and diverse perspectives, beliefs, and practices, acknowledging that families, communities, and cultures have unique values about how young children should engage with the world around them.

To learn more about Early Learning for Every Child Today, visit the framework's website on the Ontario Ministry of Education's website.