The following are early childhood development curricula and frameworks from various Canadian provinces:


Early Learning Program Guide

Play and Exploration



Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, 

The Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has developed Play and Exploration: The Early Learning Program Guide as a vital part of its early childhood development strategies. The guide emphasizes the importance of high-quality experiences for all preschool-aged children in Saskatchewan and draws on knowledge from early childhood education research, successful practices of early childhood educators, and community culture, values, and beliefs.

Play and Exploration envision that early learning programs in Saskatchewan should be comprehensive, responsive, and developmentally appropriate, aiming for the healthy development of the whole child, including the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. Additionally, the guide promotes the importance of collaborative efforts between children, family members, and early childhood educators in enhancing children’s learning and growth.

The Guide establishes that quality early learning programs should incorporate principles such as children as competent learners, holistic development and learning, strong positive relationships, and stimulating and dynamic environments into their everyday practices. These principles reflect a comprehensive approach to children’s development and learning, and the guide provides guidance on effective practices.

While all programs in Saskatchewan should reflect the vision, principles, and quality elements outlined in Play and Exploration, the guide acknowledges that children, families, educators, and community contexts can influence the specific look and feel of a program. The goal is to encourage high-quality, age-appropriate, play-based learning experiences for children aged birth to five years in various settings. High-quality programs should involve children and their families in the planning and delivery of a healthy, safe, culturally sensitive, and stimulating program that supports children’s abilities and interests.

For more information, please visit the Play and Exploration: Saskatchewan’s Early Learning Program Guide website.